Complete Dining Set

$57.45 $73.65

This bundle is perfect for those who must have it all! Make sustainable sexy with our complete dining set. 

What's included:
- 1 Original Coconut Bowl
- 1 Jumbo Coconut Bowl
- 1 Mini Coconut Bowl
- 1 Bamboo Cup
- 1 Wooden Coconut Cutlery Set
- 1 Wooden Ebony Cutlery Set
- 1 5 pack Bamboo Straws

Please note that our coconut cups are not compatible with thin liquids such as water, tea, and coffee. However, they are perfect to use with thicker liquids such as smoothies!

Original Coconut Bowl: 5.25 in x 2.5 in; 20 fl oz
Jumbo Coconut Bowl: 6 in x 3.15 in; 28 fl oz
Coconut Cup: 
4.75 in x 3 in; 12 fl oz
Bamboo Cup: 2 in x 4.75 in; 8 fl oz
Wooden Cutlery Set: 6.25 in
Bamboo Straws: 8 in
Please note that our products are completely natural and may slightly vary in size and appearance.

Here's how you can care for your products:

- Hand wash with warm soapy water after use
- Do not soak in liquids for long periods of time
- Air dry in a well-ventilated area after washing
Do not expose to extreme temperatures
- Hydrate with virgin coconut oil to ensure longevity

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